Friday, March 20, 2009

its goin everythin wrong :(

15-3-2009 was one of d sadest day of ma life... n datz bcoz v lost d cricket match against dayand sagar college who dint deserve 2 win..... v ve one of d best team in south zone... but in sum or d other way v r loosing matches n also god was not helpin us out in any ways.. our team had such a gud batting line up, it was our strength... v al went out 2 win on dat day.. every1 in our team were dedicated n so much composed... n more dan any1, i was very much fired up n was dedicated 2 do wel... 30 overs match was reduced 27 overs due delayed start.. dey won d toss n elected 2 bat..even v were expectin dat oly.. v took d field... n wat happened???? v got a wicket in 1st bal of d match,, every1 got so exited n went 4 more.. dat over got us 1 more wicket.. so dey lost 2 wickets in 1st over.. later by gud bowlin, dey were reduced for 84/5 in 15 overs..den dey started buildin partnership which was helped by sum bab bowlin n loose deliveries... d captain dint give d bal 2 me, i was d one who cud ve broken d partnership... he dint trusted ma abilities.i was dissappointed.. later he turned on 2 me in 25th over.. i was waitin 4 it,, i jst used my skil of changin pace n got 2 wickets.. i showed d captain dat wat am .. den again i bowled last over n knocked dem off by takin 1 more wicktet... dey were all out for 185.. if i had got d ball bit early, dey wouldn ve crossed 150 at any case.. but stil v were confident n tot v can chase dat easily since v had gud battin line up.. but der was sumthing bad awaiting us.. again our captain did 1 more mistake by sendin an inefficent guy 2 open d innings wit another blazing batsman who was consistent in scoring always.. v dint get dat gr8 start,,bcoz of d bad choice of captain 4 sending sum1 who is not god enuf 2 put bad balls away.. he missed so many easy deliveries.. v were 24/0 in 6 overs.. dey got our 1st wicket in 7th over...coz of slow start,another opener had lost his patience since he was not getting strike 2 often.. den i walked into d ground wit lots of confidence... i cud c dat he was worried but i told him not 2 worry n i wud help him out n told him 2 play freely without worryin light fading away.. n n n wat happened was worse... datz in ma next post..

Saturday, February 21, 2009

am i new

hey guys here is a new bee into blogging....
watch out for me .................